Taking the Virginia Remote Student Progress Test (VRSPT)

Get Ready for your Test

  • Your teacher will tell you what day and what time you can take each test.
  • Your teacher will give you the Username and Password to start each test.
  • Be sure you have completed the Browser Check on the Home page and received a green check before you take a test.
  • Be sure you have looked at the Practice Items on the Home page for your grade and subjects before you take a test.
  • Find a quiet place where you can work by yourself to complete the test.
  • You may have blank scratch paper and a pencil or pen to use during the test.
  • Some questions will be easier or harder than others. Read every question and pick your best answer. It is okay if you are not sure of the answer. If you are not sure, mark your best guess and select the 'Next' button in the upper left. You must mark your best answer before you can use this button.
  • Know whom to ask for help if your computer freezes or your test locks or closes.
  • If you are taking a mathematics test, a calculator may appear at times in the tool bar. You may use the calculator when it appears in the tool bar.
  • If you are taking an audio test, you will need headphones to hear your test.
  • If you are taking a read-aloud test, someone will read the test to you.


Start your Test

  • You will select the button below to get to the Sign In screen for your test.
  • You will type your Username and Password that your teacher gave you for your test.
  • After you Sign In to the test, you will start with Sample A and Sample B test items.
  • You can practice reading and answering these two test questions. You must answer each item before you select the 'Next' button to move to the next question. If you do not know what to do on the Sample items, you should ask for help so you know how to take your test.
  • When you have finished your test, you should close your browser and throw away your scratch paper if you used it.
  • Follow any directions from your teacher about what to do when you are done.
  • When you are ready to begin, select the button below.