Virginia Remote Student Progress Test (VRSPT)

Welcome to the home page for the Virginia Remote Student Progress Test (VRSPT). It is important to review the three steps below and complete them in order:

1. Check your Web browser

Select the Browser Check button to be sure your web browser and device will support online testing. A separate window or tab will open where the Browser Check will load over the login screen. No login is needed. If you receive an error message, refer to the Troubleshooting page.

2. Review the Practice Items

Select the Practice Items button to open the practice test items to help you prepare for taking the online test. A separate window or tab will open where all available practice items will appear. Look for your grade level under Mathematics - 2016, Reading - 2017, and Science (grades 5 & 8 only). These items represent the types of test items you may experience and allow you to practice in the TestNav testing software before taking your tests. Use the Audio version of the Practice Items if you have an audio accommodation where you listen to the test with headphones.

3. Get Ready and Start your Test

Select the Get Ready and Start button to review what is needed to get ready for your test or to start your test on your scheduled day and time. Your school will provide additional information (e.g., test dates and times, test username and password, etc.). Be sure to know whom to contact if you have questions during your test.