December 9, 2016

TO:  Division Superintendents

FROM:  Steven R. Staples, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT: Pilot Program Results for Bandwidth Optimization

This E-mail is to inform school divisions of the results of a statewide pilot to test and measure a new bandwidth optimization technology.  The results of the CirrusWorks pilot program can be found on the VDOE web site. The report captures the relevant data points of the pilot and provides an analysis based on quantitative data and anecdotal responses.

In January 2016, CirrusWorks’ provided a no-cost 90 day pilot program of the Governor™ device in five school divisions in Virginia. The school divisions participating in the pilot were Mathews County, Giles County, Shenandoah County, Salem City, and Richmond City. The results of the pilot program were verified by the school divisions that participated in it. The objective of the pilot program was to assess the impact of the CirrusWorks Governor™ device on the educational experience –specifically assessing the Governor’s™ impact on the performance of the school’s Wi-Fi infrastructure and bandwidth capacity.

School divisions interested in learning more about the CirrusWorks Governor™ device and bandwidth optimization should contact Beth Crawford, CFO and Education Sector Lead for CirrusWorks, Inc.,, or (703) 260-6701. The CirrusWorks Governor device is on VITA contract-VA-140401-Daly.  For further questions, contact Susan Clair, Learning Infrastructure Coordinator, at (804) 786-9281 or