Superintendent’s Memo #086-14

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

April 4, 2014

TO:  Division Superintendents

FROM:  Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT:  Fiscal Year 2014 Caboose Budget (HB 5001) Signed by Governor McAuliffe

The House of Delegates and Senate adopted identical amendments to the final fiscal year 2014 budget bill (“Caboose Bill” - HB 5001) on March 24, 2014, at the 2014 Special Session I of the General Assembly.  The details of these amendments were described in Attachment A to Superintendent’s Memorandum No. 077-14, dated March 28, 2014.  Governor McAuliffe signed HB 5001 on April 1, 2014, as adopted by the General Assembly with no recommended changes.  Consequently, there are no changes to the funding details previously described in Superintendent’s Memorandum No. 077-14.  School divisions should continue to use the calculation template provided as part of Superintendent’s Memorandum No. 077-14 for HB 5001 to estimate state payments and required local effort/match until a new template is released reflecting actual March 31, 2014, average daily membership (ADM).  This Excel file may be downloaded from the following Web address:

The signing of the Caboose budget by Governor McAuliffe has no impact on the 2014-2016 biennial budget.  The two introduced budget bills relating to that biennium, HB 5002 and HB/SB 5003, are still before the General Assembly at the special session. 

After the conclusion of the special session, projected state payments based on final General Assembly budget actions for 2014-2016 will be communicated in another Superintendent’s Memorandum.

If you have questions or need additional information concerning the final fiscal year 2014 budget or the proposed 2014-2016 budgets introduced at the special session, please contact Kent Dickey, deputy superintendent for finance and operations, or budget office staff at (804) 225-2025 or by e-mail (e-mail addresses available at