Superintendent’s Memo #205-12

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

August 17, 2012

TO:  Division Superintendents

FROM:  Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT:  Classroom Teacher Nominations for Career and Technical Education Curriculum Development Teams

The Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Services is seeking nominations for the 2012-2013 CTE curriculum development teams.  School divisions may nominate a CTE teacher for each of the 35 teams that will consist of approximately 12 participants.  The schedule for the teams is in Attachment A.  All CTE curriculum frameworks are reviewed every three to five years.  The review process requires the input of the CTE classroom teacher as the expert of the content as well as the expertise of business and industry representatives to ensure the curriculum is current and meets the needs of the work force.

Over the next two years, the CTE Office will be transitioning to a fully online system for the submission, approval, and selection of applications for curriculum development teams.  This year the process is primarily a manual one.

Team meetings are conducted face-to-face, electronically, or a combination of the two.  All face-to-face meetings will be conducted at the CTE Resource Center in Henrico County.  Electronic sessions are directed by state cluster specialists and CTE Resource Center writer-editors.  Teachers serving on the electronic teams will conduct the curriculum development outside of school hours.

Reimbursement will be provided as follows:

Benefits for teachers include:

Curriculum development team members will be chosen based on the following criteria:

All individuals who wish to serve on the curriculum development teams must complete the application form in Attachment B.  The application will require approval from the applicant’s school principal.  Only applications approved by principals will be considered.  Once teams are identified, division superintendents or their designee will be contacted for final approval.  Completed applications are due to the Office of Career and Technical Education by September 17, 2012, and may be sent by e-mail to or faxed to 804-530-4560.

If you have questions, please contact B. Anne Rowe, coordinator for curriculum and instruction, Office of Career and Technical Education Services, by telephone at 804-225-2052 or via e-mail at

Your continued support of career and technical education in Virginia is appreciated.



  1. Curriculum Development Schedule (Word)
  2. Curriculum Development Application (Word)