Superintendent’s Memo #093-12

State seal, Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Education

April 13, 2012

TO:  Division Superintendents

FROM:  Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction

SUBJECT:  Accepting Applications for Instructional Consultation Team (ICT) Professional Development

The Office of Student Services is inviting inquiries from school divisions wishing to participate in the 14th cohort of the Instructional Consultation Team (ICT) State Directed Project.

Teacher effectiveness is second only to student engagement as the single most important factor in improving student outcomes. The ICT process is designed to support teachers in improving their effectiveness by focusing on instructional match, instructional goal-setting, and measurement of goal attainment.  Grounded in 20 years of research by Sylvia Rosenfield, Todd Gravois, and Edward Gickling, ICT is a structured problem-solving process designed to enhance, improve, and increase student and staff performance.  Teachers and administrators who participate in the ICT State Directed Project receive embedded (on-site) intensive training and support in:

Specialists from the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T/TACs) provide intensive professional development to ICT facilitators and administrators in the various facets of the instructional consultation process.  Those individuals, in turn, train a team from the school’s faculty and support staff on the same set of (IC) skills.  An online data management system supports the monitoring of student progress, and assists the IC team in assessing its own effectiveness and professional development needs.

IC teams use school implementation and outcome data to design professional development tailored to addressing the needs of the team and the school. Preliminary information about IC teams can be found at the following link:

Questions regarding this memo and the Instructional Consultation Team project should be directed to Wayne Barry, via e-mail or telephone (804) 692-0396, or the T/TAC specialists listed on the attached document.



  1. T/TAC Specialist directory (Word)