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November 21, 2008



Division Superintendents



Patricia I. Wright

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Distribution of Free Student Guides to r u ready?: Life After High School (2009 Edition)


We are pleased to notify you that the new, updated r u ready? (2009 Edition) magazine will be sent in late-November to school counseling specialists in all Virginia public high schools. We are asking school counselors to distribute the magazine to all students enrolled in the junior class.


This publication emphasizes the importance of preparing now for pathways to success and is designed to provide information for students with a variety of post-high school goals, whether the choices are to enter the job market following high school or to continue formal education. Regardless of their career goal, all students will benefit from resources available in Virginia's high schools to prepare for the journey ahead. The magazine, r u ready?, can help students identify those resources.


This edition of r u ready?, which should appeal to teenagers, will provide sound, up-to-date information about the importance of making wise decisions about careers and continuing education. The publication includes a letter of endorsement from Governor Kaine emphasizing the need to plan now for life after high school. The primary message the guide provides to students is that the next stage of life happens whether you are ready or not. The publication was developed by Virginia Business Magazine, an affiliate of Media General, in cooperation with the Department of Education.


We are requesting that r u ready? be presented formally to students rather than just distributing copies to them. This could be accomplished through an academic or career and technical education course or by offering instruction as an extracurricular activity in cooperation with business/industry and continuing education partners. Both the student and teacher guides reinforce selected Standards of Learning.


As you may know, r u ready? is part of a series, including the teacher's guide, ready or not, and a parent's brochure. The updated parent's brochure will be delivered to 8th grade parents by January. School personnel will be notified how to obtain additional copies of all these resources, including requested copies for students other than high school juniors.


If you have questions concerning any of the products in the series or need additional information, please contact Elizabeth Russell, director for career and technical education, via e-mail at or telephone at (804)225-2051. We hope this information will help you and your staff prepare your students for life after high school.