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August 8, 2008



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Guidelines for Determining the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) of Small n Schools


As approved by the United States Department of Education for the calculation of adequate yearly progress (AYP) for the 2008-2009 school year (based on assessments administered in 2007-2008), Virginia will use 50 or 1 percent (capped at 200) of the enrolled student population, whichever is greater, as the minimum n for purposes of calculating AYP and applying the 95 percent participation rate requirement at the state, division, and school levels.


Virginia uses the three most recent years of statewide assessment data to automatically calculate the pass rate to determine if a small n school met the Annual Measurable Objectives. A small n school that meets the Annual Measurable Objectives in reading and mathematics using this method will make AYP. A school that does not make AYP by using this method will be declared To Be Determined (TBD) on the reports provided to school divisions.


Schools labeled TBD may submit a body of evidence to their school division for consideration. Based on the evidence submitted, the school division will make an AYP determination for the school and forward that decision, with an explanation for its basis, to the Department of Education filed by the division superintendent within 15 business days of the school receiving official notice of its AYP accountability decision or no later than September 26, 2008, for validation and inclusion in statewide data reports. The Department will consider the school division's recommendation for the AYP status of Title I schools, but ultimately it will make the final decision for Title I schools. If no evidence is submitted to the Department on behalf of a school by September 26, 2008, that school will not make AYP.


Attachment A contains guidelines that school divisions should follow in determining the AYP status for its small n schools, along with a form to submit the AYP determination to the Department of Education.


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a. Guidelines for Determining AYP Status for Small n Schools (Word)