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January 25, 2008



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Textbook and Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule for History and Social Science, Mathematics, English, Science, and Foreign Languages


The Virginia Board of Education approved a new textbook and instructional materials adoption schedule for mathematics, English, science, and foreign languages on January 10, 2008. Previously, at the March 29, 2007, Board of Education meeting, the history and social science adoption schedule was approved.


The Board of Education's authority for approving textbooks and other instructional materials is prescribed in the Virginia Constitution and in the Code of Virginia. The Board of Education's Regulations Governing Textbook Adoption specifies the types of materials that may be adopted.


Virginia Constitution; Art. VIII 5 (d)

It [the Board of Education] shall have authority to approve textbooks and instructional aids and materials for use in courses in the public schools of the Commonwealth.


Code of Virginia 22.1-238

The Board of Education shall approve textbooks suitable for use in the public schools and shall have authority to approve instructional aids and materials for use in the public schools. Any school board may use textbooks not approved by the Board provided the school board selects such books in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board.

Regulations Governing Textbook Adoption 8 VAC 20-220-30

Only those materials which are designed to provide basic support for the instructional program of a particular content area at an appropriate level will be adopted.

Generally, state textbook adoption in a Standards of Learning subject area should be conducted shortly after the standards are revised. Based on the schedule of the Standards of Learning reviews outlined in the Board's strategic plan, a timeline for state textbook and instructional materials adoptions has been approved. The timeline will synchronize the state textbook adoptions and the Standards of Learning reviews.


Attachment A provides a chart with the adoption timelines for history and social science, mathematics, English, science, and foreign languages.


For further information, please contact Dr. Beverly Thurston, coordinator of history and social science, Office of Middle and High School Instruction, by e-mail at, or by telephone at (804) 225-2893.



a. Textbook and Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule (.pdf)