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May 17, 2002



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Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative High School Certification Procedures



The intent of the Web-based Standards of Learning Technology Initiative is to use Web-enabled systems to improve the Standards of Learning instructional, remedial, and testing capabilities of high schools. Funding for this program is targeted to achieve four goals:


  1. Provide student access to computers with a ratio of one computer for every five students,
  2. Create Internet-ready local area network capability in every school,
  3. Assure adequate high-speed, high-bandwidth capability for instructional, remedial, and testing needs, and
  4. Establish a statewide Standards of Learning test delivery system.


As a means of certifying that school divisions meet the technical goals of the initiative, the Virginia Department of Education has developed a three-stage High School Readiness Certification process.


The Stage 1 Preliminary Self-Certification Checklist was made available to school divisions July 13, 2001, on the Department of Educations website at


The current list of school divisions having completed Stage 1 Certification is available at

These school divisions are eligible to begin the Stage 2 Certification process. The Stage 2 Certification process requires collaboration between the division director of testing and the SOL Technology Initiative project manager to determine the maximum number of concurrent online SOL tests to be administered simultaneously throughout the school division.


School divisions that have completed Stage 1 Certification and are in need of completing Stage 2 Certification before July 1, 2002, should contact Sarah Susbury (, manager of

technology services, at 804-786-5823.


The Stage 3 Certification, also called the 96-hour checklist, is a self-certification checklist that is to be completed by school divisions 96 hours, or four school days, before the beginning of their online SOL testing window. This checklist includes assessment-related and technology-related items that must be verified just prior to the start of any online SOL testing window. While the Stage 3 Certification document will not need to be returned to the Department, school divisions are strongly encouraged to complete this checklist 96 hours prior to any test administration involving online test administrations.


Future initiative documents and updates will continue to be posted at

For more information, please contact Sarah Susbury (, manager of

technology services, at 804-786-5823.